Sunday, January 13, 2013

The beginning of the end...

What a great couple of days we've had since our last bedtime fiasco. I'd like to say she repented of her throw down but honestly I think I just proved to her that I was always going to be there for her.

She awoke her happy self on Saturday morning and we headed off to the required medical appt. What a fiasco. More people than i've ever seen in my life crammed into a clinic. There's not an American doctor who would have remained calm under those circimstances at a clinic full of children and their overprotective parents.

Elli was all "mommy mommy" that day which I soaked up and relished. She is obviously the "big girl" in our group and I really think she knows it. Josh and Kate are really being excellent examples for her but she is very much her own person. I can already tell she's had to carry too many responsibilites for such a little girl and she is working on letting go of some of the things have been expected of her that no longer are. Her biggest accomplishment has ben using her hands to eat when appropriate. She is now a french fry lover and does a great job picking them up with her little fingers.

Once we got to the clinic we were told that bc she is over two we would have to get her blood drawn. Michael almost had a coronary. We went through all the steps they required and then went to see the doctor who would examine her little body. He floored us when he announced that she was taking prednisone daily and hydrocortisone every other day. UGHHHHH. We know shes been on it for at least 2 years, who know what other damage is being done to her little body. I am so thankful for all the medical professionals at our disposal back home starting with her very own special doctor who has loved her before he met her. Dr. Blanco will be one of the first to greet her off the plane, she already knows his name. I don't have to worry and wonder if those who care for her medical needs care for her as well. I know they will.

Michael was thinking on his feet. He really wanted her platelet count and didn't want to wait til we got home. He thought that if they were gonna stick her anyway, why not get the count. Rebecca, our guide asked what the cost would be. They would send a translated copy of the lab report to our guide on Monday for 30 bucks ( or maybe 30 yuan which is 5 bucks i can't remeber which) either way it was cheap and we would take it. Finally we will be able to see where we stand with her ITP.

We were FORCED to stay out of the room while they drew Elli's blood. When they finished they sent her out with a piece of candy and instructions to hold the area for 5 minutes to make sure she clotted. We did what they asked and went on her way. Not a tear or a scream came from such a tiny little thing at any time. For such a chaotic place the medical professionals are kind and loving and very good listeners.

That night we had Pizza Hut. Not quite the same as American Pizza Hit but still a very nice change. Elli had speghetti bc after all if noodles are available why have anything else.  We had another nice evening and a very pleasant bedtime. We all slept well and woke up to a new day...happily it was somewhat free and included shopping.

Sunday was no different than any other day in China. It was our shopping day. It was a fun day and a day we realized that the Chinese make as poor American food as Americans make of Chinese food. But that was ok. We had fun and were able to mix with the culture somewhat. We've been back from our room resting, Kate, Elli, and I while Michael and Josh are out exploring.

I really think we are on a roll here. There may be another hard night here or there but I believe that she is catching on and feeling more and more a part of our family as the days progress. It's exciting to see her move past her sadness and more toward acceptance. I just wish I could imprint onto her heart that we will never leave her... Ever. One day the light will go off and her life will be forever changed. I pray that once she realizes that she will only be a step away from realizing that she has a Heavenly Father who is even more faithful to her. That will be the best day of her life.

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