Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bring Ellie Home with a "happy" for someone you love...

So, I am going to occasionally offer some of the cute stuff I've made and am in the process of  making on this site as fundraisers for Elli's adoption. I am trying to decide if I want to pay to bring my Etsy site up again. I'll let you know. In the meantime, if you need a last minute "happy" or birthday, anniversary, or "just because" gift please let me know. Here are some options. Scroll all the way down because new pictures post themselves often wherever they want to.

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These are my Jr. jewelry holders.
most are about 10 inches tall
and 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches square.
Obviously they all don't have their hooks yet.

Here is a new Jewelry holder
It's 13 1/2 inches high
and 4in x 4in square
It's larger than my jr. jewelry holders
and similar to the previous ones I made.

This is similar to the above adult
Jewelry Holder
13 " high

This is so classy.
13" high and $35.00

Cute, cute,cute
Same as above

Another cute frame
Dimensions are the same as the one above

I love how these coasters turned out.
I can make you some just like these in almost any
color scheme or from your favorite photos.
6 coasters. $15.00.

This is so cute
It's about a 10 x 12 frame with Chicken wire
It's a hot pink, high gloss.

Keep your eyes peeled as there will be more added throughout the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for checking it out. Send my blog and or Facebook link to anyone else who might be interested in buying a little something to support bringing our Elli home. Thanks...

I also have some lovely pearl sets that Michael brought home from the Philippines that I am selling. If anyone is interested in seeing them please email me at I have pictures. These are not just plain white pearls, there are several sets that are very colorful as well as have crystals incorporated with them.


  1. can you custom color the frame with the chicken wire?

  2. Of course. It will be a little different as each frame is a bit different in size and design but just let me know and I will handle it! ;)

    If you hurry and tell me I can have it made before your mom leaves to come see you and send it on to her.

  3. What about one in just an ivory or cream color? Or a pretty yellow?

    How about you surprise me! Tell me how much and I'll send my money home with Mom. :) Yay for helping bring home Elli!!

  4. I'll do it. I may do a couple and send them with your mom for you to choose. I do like the idea of a soft pretty yellow though! :)

  5. I just found 2 more gifts....those coasters are perfect!! I need two sets. They could be for any of my 11 friends so I'm not particular in color.

  6. Yay, Karen! That sounds wonderful! I'm super excited about that. Thank you!

  7. I just love these boards....actually everything!! Can you do a matching jewelry & memo board in zebra print? I could send you a pic of my daughter's current decor if it helps!! Best of luck to you. We are with Lifeline too

  8. I sure can. If you will email me at I can give you prices so you know what you are looking at. Also, if you would send me a pic at that email I may be able to pic up some other things in her room that will help with accents. Let me know if you want a larger/longer clipboard or the square 9x9 clipboard. And then there are options between the smaller jewelry holder or the larger one. I would guess shipping would be 10 dollars unless you live near the Jackson,Madison, MS area. :)